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Startups unite
to hire top talent

Find best-fit talent in trusted networks and communities

Your perfect fit is only a clique away

Dueto cliques grant you exclusive access to top talent, looking for opportunities like yours. Get trusted referrals from your networks and communities, filtered by smart match AI to ensure the best fit.


Empower your hiring

team with AI

Dueto helps you match your position's unique requirements
to the skillset, personal traits and preferences of each candidate, with AI-powered screening and matching.


Build long term relationships with candidates

Rather than sending another "thanks for your time" rejection letter, refer great candidates to real opportunities and build trusting relationships where everyone wins.

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Leave the admin hassle to us

You have a lot on your plate. Dueto automates the tedious tasks so you can focus on what matters most, and keep candidates from falling through the cracks.

Collaborate with ease to move faster

Streamline the communication and decision making within your hiring teams with easy-to-use action-driven engagement, all in one place.


How do we turn you into a super-recruiter?

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Access to Recommended Talent

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AI-Powered Matching

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Collaborative Hiring

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Exceptional Candidate Experience

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Ready to grow?

Unleash the power of networks to hire better, together. 

Get early access to our free trial.

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