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Finding recommended talent is hard.

We've made it easy.

Tap into the powerful resource of community referrals.

Hire and recommend outstanding people with GoodWord - the world's first Talent Community Network.

  • Save 85% of your screening time

  • 3x your Quality of Hire

  • Reimagine your candidate experience

We've partnered with trusted communities boasting over 300K members, to help you find the ideal candidates:

93% of candidates are more likely to respond to a call from connections made through GoodWord, than via LinkedIn.
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Unlock the power of community

Expand your referral reach beyond its limits

Gain access to exclusive networks and communities, with the highest quality talent.

Connect with 
top talent who come highly recommended by like-minded community members and cut hiring time and efforts dramatically.


Hire with confidence

Boost your hiring with human referrals. Get better cultural fits, more successful hires, and higher retention.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to peer-approved candidates.


Reach quality talent, faster

Get only pre-vetted, relevant and engaged candidates that match your needs. Connect immediately and let your team focus on people, not processes.

6X higher response rate than LinkedIn.

9X more relevant than LinkedIn application.

Save 85% of your screening time. 


How it works



Discover all community referrals in one place:



Connect with recommended candidates that meet your needs.



Hire the best-fit talent.

Faster • Efficient • Trustful

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  • Final stage candidates

  • Released employees

  • Personal network

  • Discreet job seekers

Finally. A Win-Win-Win Recruiting.

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Keep it human

Show your applicants that you value their time and effort. Recommend them to your network and help them thrive.

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Build long-lasting relationship

Create deeper, more rewarding relationships with top candidates and colleagues. Simply by adding one link to the rejection/off-boarding letter.


Create remarkable

candidate experience

Make your employer brand shine, turn candidates into brand ambassadors and attract top talent.

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Don't just take our word for it

"GoodWord is a game-changer.

Finally me and my community can find and share recommended candidates in one place. 

We found a new, high-quality, and efficient sourcing channel, with the benefit of doing good."

Bety Soffer

Sourcer & TA Partner ‏@,

HTR Community Manager

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Our commitment to privacy and security

Privacy and quality go hand-in-hand.

Every referral requires explicit consent, ensuring that each candidate is in control of their visibility and can choose whether to be discreet or openly available to employers.


We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment, where the trust is valued above all else.

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Welcome to the community way to hire

No strings attached. No credit card required.

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